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The babina Gold range is made with an exclusive blend of nutrients and ingredients – for babies from birth to 3 years of age.
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Babina Gold, step 2, 900 g, tin, follow-on formula
Babina HA, 900 g tin, hypo-allergenic infant formula
Babina AR,900 g tin, food for special medical purposes
Babina Plus, 1000 g tin, milk drink for growing childern

babina: Swiss from start to finish

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babina Gold products are manufactured 100% in Switzerland using the best Swiss milk.

Keeps Kids going

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babina Gold contains everything babies and young children need to develop the way they should.



The milk journey

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Nutrition is a matter of trust. We take you through the A to Z of how are products are made.
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babina Gold

babina Gold is a complete range for children from 0-3 years. Use in combination with breast feeding or when you are no breastfeeding (any longer).

It is a unique combination of fatty acids such as DHA and ARA, formulated based on the latest nutritional insights and research. It also contains

prebiotics (GOS), Nucleotides, Vitamin A, C & E to protect and support your baby's resistance, as well as Taurin and Choline.

babina™ formulas are 100% Swiss Made and produced to the highest Swiss quality and safety standards.


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