babina Plus

  • Junior milk
  • Good nutrition throughout childhood is important for PROTECTION and PROGRESS. It supports healthy growth and cognitive development
  • For growing children
  • As a milk drink and/or for preparing other foods, such as (plain) cereals

About babina Plus

babina Plus is a nutritious, great-tasting milk drink that your child will love throughout their growing years.


This product provides all the important nutrition required daily.

babina Plus offers an exclusive blend of key nutrients and ingredients – the amounts have been adapted according to the needs of your growing child:

Anti-oxidants – strengthen the body’s natural defence

  • babina Plus contains important anti-oxidative nutrients (such as vitamin E and vitamin C, selenium, zinc, manganese and copper).
  • They protect the body cells against the harmful effects of oxidative stress.
  • They help strengthen the body’s natural defence by neutralising these effects.

Prebiotics (FOS) – to support digestive health and good gut motility

  • babina Plus provides prebiotics in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).
  • This dietary fiber helps the good bacteria already in the gut to grow and thrive.
  • Gut health contributes to proper immune function; about 70% of the immune system is situated in the gut.
  • FOS also promotes good gut motility and helps to minimize the problem of hard stools (mild constipation).

DHA, iron and iodine – to support good brain development

  • DHA (long chain omega-3 fatty acid) is the key component for the brain and eyes.
  • Iron for brain development and to maintain a healthy supply of oxygen in the blood.
  • Iodine for good brain development and growth.


Standard dilution babina Plus
28.8 g of babina Plus powder (6 measuring spoons of 4.8 g each) + 180 ml water = 1 serving

  • Supplement your child’s daily diet with 2–3 glasses of babina Plus.
  • Add 6 spoons of babina Plus to 180 ml hot, warm, or cold water.
  • Stir gently until fully dissolved and babina Plus is ready to drink.
  • 6 spoons (28.8g of powder) + 180ml water = 1 serving.
  • Prepare each glass freshly to avoid loss of nutrients (and for safety reasons) and drink babina Plus as soon as possible.
  • You can also use babina Plus as a perfect base for smoothies and with cornflakes or (plain) cereals.

The taste of babina Plus

babina Plus is a great-tasting creamy milk drink with a pleasant vanilla flavour that your child will love throughout their growing years.

Nutrition for the growing child

A healthy eating pattern and a regular meal schedule are important to meet increasing nutritional needs and ensure a balanced intake of all (essential) nutrients. A well-balanced diet contributes to overall nutritional health and avoids specific nutritional deficiencies.

Good nutrition for long-term health

  • Good nutrition throughout childhood is important not only to support normal growth and cognitive development but also to establish healthy eating patterns. At the same time, children should be given the opportunity to develop their own natural preferences.
  • From a global point of view, food surveys show discrepancies between nutrition recommendations and the actual intake of young children.
  • Although methods of measuring food intake are not standardised and uncertainties exist over the true nutrient consumption of e.g. young children, these may be less than recommended.
  • Vital nutrients: essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins A, D and C, iron, calcium and iodine. In contrast, there are also concerns around high intakes of sodium and protein.

Junior milk

Milks can make an important contribution to daily nutritional requirements and act as a nutritional safety net. Junior milks fill the nutritional gaps in regular (cow’s) milk, offering nutritional benefits for the child.

Providing children with a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is important for optimal long term-health.