babina Gold Mama

Babina Gold Mama
400g, tin
Babina Gold Mama, Dose 400 g, for expectant and breast-feeding mothers
  • For expectant and breast feeding mothers
  • The well-balanced composition of Babina Mama makes sure that you and your baby receive all the most important nutrients.

About babina Gold Mama

babina Gold Mama is a nutritious milk drink for pregnant and lactating women that is developed in line with the latest scientific studies and international recommendations.


Prebiotics (GOS/FOS): to support digestive health and good gut motility

  • babina Mama provides prebiotics in the form of galactooligosaccharides (GOS)/fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This dietary fibre helps the good bacteria already in your gut to grow and thrive.
  • Gut health contributes to proper immune function; about 70% of the immune system is situated in the gut.
  • GOS/FOS also promotes good gut motility. It helps to minimise the problem of hard stools (mild constipation).

Folic acid: to reduce the risk of neural tube defects

  • When you are pregnant or might become pregnant, it's vital to consume enough folic acid. babina Mama offers you a helping hand: 2 - 3 glasses daily cover over 50% of your requirements.

DHA, iron and iodine: to support good brain development

  • DHA (a long chain omega-3 fatty acid) is the key component for the brain and eyes
  • Iron for brain development and to maintain a healthy supply of oxygen in the blood
  • Iodine; for good brain development and growth

Vitamin D and calcium: for good bone and teeth development

  • babina Mama offers an adequate amount of vitamin D and calcium to help build your baby's bones and prevent depletion of your own calcium stores. 

What about energy and other nutrients in babina Mama?

babina Mama provides all the most important nutrients as well as sufficient energy and other nutrients that are part of a daily balanced diet – for your health and for the health of your little one.

For good growth & healthy development

  • A balanced amount of energy
  • An adequate amount of high-quality protein
  • A well balanced mixture of vitamins & minerals

Does babina Mama contain sugar?

No, babina Mama is free from sugar (sucrose). It provides a mix of lactose (as in regular milk) and fructose.

What about the taste of babina Mama?

babina Mama has a pleasant taste – it is creamy and milky with a hint of vanilla.


  • Just add 2 – 3 glasses of babina Mama to your daily diet to provide all the important nutrients that you and your baby require.
  • Add 3 spoons of babina Mama to 180 ml hot, warm, lukewarm or cold water (to suit your own taste), stir and babina Mama is ready to drink. 40 g of powder + 200 ml water = 1 portion.
  • Prepare each glass freshly to avoid loss of nutrients (and for safety reasons) and drink babina Mama within a reasonable time frame.
  • babina Mama offers you lots of options and you can add different fruits or flavours. Enjoy it the way you like best.
  • You can also use babina Mama as a perfect basis for smoothies and with cornflakes or (plain) cereals.